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Toronto, 25 districts

Projection of popular vote for Toronto

(Lastest update: August 20th 2019)

Seat projection for Toronto

(Lastest update: August 20th 2019)

List of ditricts - GTA-905

(Last update: August 20th 2019)

007 Beaches—East York Toss up
019 Davenport Likely NDP
020 Don Valley East Safe OLP
021 Don Valley North Likely OLP
022 Don Valley West Likely OLP
025 Eglinton—Lawrence Likely OLP
028 Etobicoke Centre Likely OLP
029 Etobicoke North Likely PCO
030 Etobicoke—Lakeshore Likely OLP
041 Humber River—Black Creek Toss up
085 Parkdale—High Park Safe NDP
094 Scarborough Centre Leaning OLP
095 Scarborough North Toss up
096 Scarborough Southwest Leaning NDP
097 Scarborough—Agincourt Leaning OLP
098 Scarborough—Guildwood Safe OLP
099 Scarborough—Rouge Park Toss up
102 Spadina—Fort York Toss up
111 Toronto Centre Toss up
112 Toronto—Danforth Safe NDP
113 Toronto—St. Paul's Safe OLP
114 University—Rosedale Leaning NDP
119 Willowdale Likely OLP
122 York Centre Toss up
123 York South—Weston Toss up